Our Journey


SORWATOM is Eastern Africa's leading agribusiness manufacturer, it was created in 1984 by a group of highly successful investors who identified an opportunity to transform local fresh tomatoes into tomato paste and meet the increasing demand for ready to use tomato paste within the region.

In 2004, we upgraded our packaging system using the best available Italian processing and packing technology. It is the only sub-Saharan African paste manufacturer packing in flexible four layer film sachet for the African market. Our pack allows the product to stay fresher for much longer, it’s easy to open, and remains useable longer after opening, safer and more hygienic than traditional metal containers.

The company is now under professional management with over 60 years of African agribusiness expertise within FMCG food and beverage sector, coffee and banking. The associated private investment group has interests across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company produces the finest 100% natural Double Concentrated Tomato paste 28-30% with a state of the art Italian Tomato paste production line. SORWATOM continues to produce Tomato paste of finest quality in order to ensure true customer satisfaction and the best value food products within the region with a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee.

Our products are known for their great taste, fresh aroma and vibrant color. We have perfected the art of making high quality 100% natural Tomato paste and we do not use anything artificial in our products.

The company has established direct operations in Burundi, DRC and looking to expand its operations in strategic locations within the region.

You can find us all over Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern DRC.