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Dillux SA


A Mauritius based Private Equity Company that was started in May 2009 with a focus on the East and Central African region. Dillux approaches investments in high growth industries within the region that either have a strong track record of profitability or with good prospects of future profitability.

The company takes a bottom up approach to investment analyses focusing on; industry positioning, management capabilities, balance sheet structure and return on investment. In addition to these metrics, Dillux is also keen on promoting employment and wealth creation within the region. Our target company size is within $5.0 - $15.0 million and we expect this to grow with time.




started his career with Citibank Kenya as a Trainee Manager in 1992 and became 2 years later a full manager of the bank. At Citibank, James was responsible for various roles including; bank asset and liability strategy, structuring credits & foreign exchange management. He interacted with various economic sectors such as freight, tourism, manufacturing, airlines and NGO’s thus developing a clear factual and working understanding of the operation of most industries in the region and importantly, banking within the region. James is now involved full time in DILLUX SA and is in charge of the overall running of the fund, goal setting and high level company negotiations.

Managing Director

Vip Kumar


Vip Kumar has over 25 years of professional leadership and management expertise at multinational, corporate, SME and developmental levels.